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Check, check... Gravity mode - off; you are free to move anywhere in air! The joy of floating around like an astronaut inside the space station. Fascinating, isn't it? Enter the largest parabola aircraft in the world with full power and throttle experiencing 2Gs for the weightlessness experience and fly like a bird!

Imagine yourself in a complete gravity-free state, without any restrictions and total freedom of movement. Seems a bit strange? The Astronauts and Cosmonauts describe this strange feeling as weightlessness that is generally felt when you are in Space! Everyone wants to experience the joy of floating around like an astronaut inside the space station and now you can experience this via our exclusive program that was once only restricted to astronauts.

ZERO Gravity flights are must for the real astronauts training and now you are getting a chance to experience it in Ilyushin 76 MDK, which is the largest parabola aircraft in the world and specially constructed for Zero-G flights. IL 76 MDK Aircraft creates multiple short-term micro-gravity by flying in a parabolic path known as Keplers Curve. The jet at first climbs at a very steep 45-degree angle with full power and throttle experiencing 2Gs and then suddenly you will feel weightlessness as the pilot ceases the thrust completely and aircraft dips. You will then fly like a bird! This is the same feeling what astronauts and cosmonauts experience in space. The weightlessness will be there for about 25 seconds and can be recreated up to 10 to 15 times in one flight.

As IL 76 MDK is specially made for Zero Gravity flight, it has large cargo style padded area to prevent any sort of physical injury and for you to move freely during the Zero Gs. The whole program including the flights are overseen and assisted by the professional instructors from Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre which will make this flight absolutely safe, fun and enjoyable.

The Zero G flights can be used as an incentive to the top executives, dealers, and stockholders by a corporate. In the past, many big multinationals have used it in an innovative manner to retain the Top Guns of their organization. If you want to plan a custom made package for your company or group of friends, kindly contact us and our experts will devise an exclusive plan suited to your profile and needs.

The maximum Capacity of this flight is 14 people but it has no minimum requirements and thus you can even experience this by yourself as well! Once in a Life time Opportunity!

The core elements of Zero G Flights are:
  • Experience total weightlessness, Zero Gravity for 10 times during the flight
  • Aboard the powerful IL-76 MDK, which is the largest parabola aircraft in the world and specially constructed for Zero-G flights
  • Perform all kinds of stunts and move freely and Safe as it has large Cargo area fully padded
  • Training and assistance by the professional instructors from Gagarin Cosmonaut training Centre
  • Train like astronauts and cosmonauts
  • Large capacity of accommodating 14 passengers at one go

Zero-G Flight price includes:
  • Permission for the entry to the Cosmonaut Training Centre (Star City) and the Chalakovskiy Airbase
  • Tour of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC)
  • Medical check
  • Preparation to the Zero-G Flight in the airplane-lab IL-76 MDK
  • Flight in the airplane-lab IL-76 MDK (10 weightlessness mode during parabolic arcs)
  • Personal Certificate

Additional Info:
According to visiting rules of the GCTC we should provide your passport data and take bookings no less than 60 days before your tour.

What's Included:

  • Train like real astronaut to perform stunts
  • Get aboard the airplane-lab IL-76 MDK for gravity free thrill
  • The jet climbs at 45deg angle first with full power
  • Experience 10 to 15 weightlessness mode
  • Receive certificate, photo & video as souvenir

You Should Know

  • The experience has to be booked 60 days in advance
  • Carry a valid id proof, passport & visa
  • All safety equipment are provided
  • You are accompanied by English speaking trainer
  • Experience is subject to availability


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