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The joy of floating around like an astronaut is fascinating indeed. Mission Outdoors turns your dream into a reality. Enter the largest parabola aircraft in the world with full power and throttle experiencing 2Gs for the weightlessness experience and fly like a bird! Imagine yourself in a complete gravity-free state, without any restrictions and total freedom of movement. ZERO Gravity flights are must for the real astronauts training and now you are getting a chance to experience it in Ilyushin 76 MDK, which is the largest parabola aircraft in the world and specially constructed for Zero-G flights.

What's Included:

  • Get trained like real astronaut to perform stunts
  • Aboard the airplane-lab IL-76 MDK for gravity free thrill
  • The jet climbs at 45deg angle first with full power
  • Experience 10 to 15 weightlessness mode
  • Receive certificate, photo and video as souvenir

You Should Know

  • Carry a valid id proof, passport and visa
  • All safety equipment are provided
  • You are accompanied by English speaking trainer
  • Anything that is not specified is chargeable
  • Experiences and Activities listed in this Website/App is provided by our service providers or vendors. We are not liable for any service quality issues, accidents or personal damages before, during or after availing of these experiences and activities.

More Information

The jet at first climbs at a very steep 45-degree angle with full power and throttle experiencing 2Gs and then suddenly you will feel weightlessness as the pilot ceases the thrust completely and aircraft dips. Come over for this once in a lifetime opportunity and fly sky high as you've always wished.


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