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Best Brand Products at Your Fingertips with Ticket Compliments Select Gift Voucher

Ticket Compliments Select Gift Voucher is your chance to indulge in your favorite shopping fantasy and purchase products across a variety of well-known brands. When you are unable to find a gift that works from the plethora of choices, it is a good idea to offer a large playing field. This is what Ticket Compliments Select Gift Voucher helps you to do. Using this gift option, you can choose products from over fifteen different categories and it is possible to use this voucher at over fifty different Indian cities.

Help your loved ones make choices they really want. What is the point of purchasing mind less gifts just because of the demands of the occasion? Those who want to go for satisfying gift choices that work wonders for you as a gift giver and for the recipient, you need not look beyond Ticket Compliments Select Gift Voucher. There are different easy to use denominations available that makes choices easy.

You can purchase this gift voucher at Giftxoxo.com. It is possible to redeem these cards online. So, do not spend sleepless nights the next time there is an occasion to purchase appropriate gifts, opt for Ticket Compliments Select Gift Voucher instead.

Terms & Conditions

Giftxoxo team may request for valid id proof (Pan, Voter Id, Driving License or Aadhar) if the order values exceeds more than Rs.5000. This is just a safety measure to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

  1. Physical Voucher will be delivered within 2 to 7 business days.
  2. Ticket compliments – Select Gift voucher will be accepted only against purchases at MRP and cannot be clubbed with any other discount offers.
  3. The affiliated establishment on receipt of voucher should clearly mark each voucher with their cancelled code stamp.
  4. The Affiliated establishments will cut the counter foil on each voucher before submitting the vouchers for reimbursement and retain it for their records. The affiliated establishment will be reimbursed in accordance with EIPL terms and conditions.
  5. EIPL is not responsible with regards to the quality of goods and services purchased by the user.
  6. If ticket compliments – select gift voucher is lost\stolen, EIPL will not be liable for replacement or compensation.
  7. Ticket compliments – select gift voucher remains the property of EIPL.
  8. Ticket Compliments reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of these terms and conditions.

How & Where To Use

1. Ticket compliments – Select Gift voucher is valid exclusively for the purchase of goods or services offered by establishments affiliated for ticket compliments – Select Gift vouchers of Edenred India Private Limited.(EIPL).
2. The voucher holder(s) under no circumstances will be paid cash in exchange for whole or part of ticket compliments select Gift voucher.
3. Vouchers will not be accepted or redeemed after the expiry date mentioned on the face of the voucher.
4. If the purchase amount is superior to the value(s) of your ticket compliments – select gift voucher(s), you may complement that purchase in any form of payment accepted by those affiliated establishment(s).
5. Please refer to our website www.edenred.co.in to get the list of our affiliated outlets & for important terms and conditions in Hindi and other local languages.

Expiry & Validity

1 months.

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