Recognize Long Service. Reward Good Performance.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Demonstrating appreciation & recognition for your employees is a pivotal key to business success. So how do you plan on recognizing the individuals and teams who are the invaluable building blocks of your company?

Giving meaningful corporate gifts successfully cultivates, sustains and maximizes employee engagement.

Presenting corporate gifts that are significant, entertaining and sophisticated, Giftxoxo is the most reliable place to start and finish your search for unique employee recognition ideas. So why not work out some engaging, memorable experiences into your employee recognition program?

Let’s applaud some of your company's greatest achievements. From the smallest and most significant victories, to the biggest and most record-setting successes — commend & reward your employees for their commitment and contributions to the latest leg of the company's journey. And let them celebrate by choosing their own ways with Giftxoxo Experiences!


All of us love the kick crossing a milestone gives. Milestones Rewards is a fast and easy solution to recognize and reward your employees for their significant achievements. This service makes it simple and fun to celebrate right alongside with your employee by offering them experience or gift vouchers from Giftxoxo.

Milestones Rewards programs increase employee engagement and confidence, leading to elevated employee satisfaction scores. Milestone recognition can strengthen relationships between managers and employees, which also enhances communication and productivity.

Milestone Rewards certificates can be given out in a range of denominations, providing your employees with the opportunity to choose a meaningful award for themselves, their family, or friends.

Now your company has the ability to recognize your employees’ milestones for a variety of reasons including:

  • Years of Service
  • Performance Awards
  • Annual Awards
  • Sales Performance Incentives