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Rewards and Recognition Programs

In a global research on rewards and recognition conducted by WorldatWork in 2013, 69% of the organizations surveyed confirmed that they used both formal and informal styles of recognition programs for their employees. 24% companies used one or more formal recognition programs to appreciate their employees’ work or milestones. The rest 7% companies followed an informal recognition program which included a spontaneous gesture of appreciation. There were no companies that didn’t have a recognition program in place.

Rewards and Recognition (R & R) make for a great catalyst to boost your employees' morale. Celebrate your employees' milestones and accomplishments with our SaaS-platform based Enterprise solution. Giftxoxo offers you this R&R system that can be integrated with your existing systems and is flexible, easy to use, secure and scalable. Reward them according to their preferences and see their engagement levels reach new heights. Choose from a variety of experiential gifts including adventure, fine dining, tours, getaways, hobbies, activities, health and wellness.

In a global survey conducted on recognition for international employees in 2013, 46% of the firms said that their international employees participated in exactly the same recognition programs as the local employees. 21% companies said that their International employees participated in some of their own programs and some of the same programs as the local employees. Only 19% firms responded that their international employees had their own recognition programs. 8% firms said that their international employees participated in a few of the same recognition programs as their local counterparts. In the rest 6% of the companies surveyed, international employees did not participate at all in any recognition programs. There is, therefore, a pressing need for international organizations to customize and localize their rewards and recognition programs.

Giftxoxo Enterprise Rewards and Recognition platform precisely helps organizations manage, integrate, scale, customize, localize and execute their R&R strategies and systems in a flexible and user-friendly manner. Our wide assortment of experiential gifts and activities allow you to reward your employees according to their preferences and let them choose an activity that they like the most.

"Praise and recognition based upon performance are the oxygen of the human spirit."- Adair