Infrastructure and Security

Infrastructure and Security

Secure Cloud Hosting

ISO 27001 Certified Infrastructure Giftxoxo is hosted in a secure ISO Certified Cloud Architecture. ISO 27001 is a widely adopted global security standard that sets out requirements and best practices for a systematic approach to managing company and customer information. Our certified, off-site infrastructure offers a scalable, reliable platform that is fast and secure.

Docker Container Microservices helps in achieving modular architecture thus work as plug and play model. This approach eliminates dependency of functions and features on each other thus shielding from failures of the application itself.


SSL Encryption

SSL 256 bit encryption is one of the most secure way of transferring data across the network.

Firewall Restrictions

The firewall keep the application and the data secured by preventing every kind of intrusions.

Vulnerability Assessments

Regular scans are conducted to assess for vulnerabilities.

Log Analysis

The logs are maintained and stored for a defined period. Regular Analysis of these logs is taken up as preventive measures.

Privacy & Privilege

Administrator Controlled Privileges

The platform puts the administrator at lead to provide/control/restrict access to the data by the users.

Non Disclosures

All the data is kept access only on a need to know basis thus preventing exposure.

Privacy Policy

The organisational data will be stored separately in the secure database and shall not shared with any third party for any purposes.

Reliability & Compliance

ISO Certified Organisation

Giftxoxo is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation.

Business Continuity

A robust business continuity plan to keep the services up and running in case of disasters.

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