Instant Rewards, Recognition AND Engagement, Giftxoxo Enterprise Mobile App

Tap to Pat: Instant Mobile Recognition

Giftxoxo Rewards Platform (Giftxoxo Enterprise) also comes with a mobile app enables you to recognize at the exact time of accomplishment. It is no secret that recognition given and right time and right place is much more effective than otherwise. When you recognize at right time it gives the receiver an extra happiness and motivation than if done later. It is that moment that matters the most. This app puts the power of recognition in your hand. Whether it is Peer-to-Peer recognition or Manager-to-Peer Recognition it is so simple and smooth. Available on Android and iOS this App also helps you recognize your Employees or Channel Partners who are either on constant travel or in different geographies.

Features of Giftxoxo Enterprise Mobile App

Instant Recognition

Recognition at the right time with a tap on your mobile

Recognize From Anywhere

This app helps you recognize people irrespective of their location. You can recognize a person sitting in Boston from Bangalore in an instant.

Accumulate and Redeem Points

User and accumulate their Rewards Points and redeem it for 5000+ Experiences and 500+ Gift vouchers.

Broadcast Announcement

Managers can broadcast a message to the entire community or to specific People.

Start a Conversation

Anyone can start conversation with everyone creating a culture of collaboration and cross-functional team bonding.

News Feeds

Users can see what is happening around them in their community. Who is getting rewarded and recognized by whom?

Like, Comment and Tag People

Users can Like, Comment and even Tag their peers with some updates. This social media functionality helps in Employee and Channel Partner Engagement.

Data Security

As mentioned on the Enterprise Page, Our app also ensures high performance, data integrity and most importantly data privacy.

Greetings and Badges

Send various Greetings like Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Holi, Diwali, New Year to your Peers and Managers. You can also send various Badges for appreciating Leadership Skills, Team Management, Exceptional Performance, Innovation, Problem Solver and more.