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Duration: 1.00 Hours

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Fly Fighter Planes together with the Russian government & Sokol airbase in Russia has created an Extreme and Unique Adventure consisting of a Supersonic flight to “Edge of Space” combined with the experience of Aerobatic manoeuvres in MiG-29 Fighter Jet.

Formulated/conceptualised only 3 years ago, this program has been created to achieve three main goals:
  1. To reach the Stratosphere or Edge of Space (an altitude of 18-19 km/ 62,000 to 70,000 ft.) and experience the Overview effect which only few have experienced earlier
  2. To experience the thrill of supersonic jet speeds or more (Mach2 to 2.5) 
  3. To experience combat high level Aerobatics 

The flight to the Edge of Space consist of 2 parts that starts with a comfortable take off to reach an altitude of 9 to 10 kms and then post necessary re-checks the pilot will start heading for the Stratosphere (18 to 19kms) at a supersonic speed of more than 2100kms/hr. The Intense adrenalin rush from this Supersonic climb will soon be transformed in to a feeling of Awe as you reach you will see the highly distinctive boundary between the blue sky and black outer- space. You will experience the much acclaimed 'Over View Effect' as you will see breathtaking Views such as: the bright sun, endless space with stars and an amazing view of the curving blue planet “Earth”! Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed! Your being at this high altitude is absolutely safe as you will be wearing a special high-altitude pressurized flying suite and the cabin of the fighter jet will be also be fully pressurized.

Second Leg of this extreme flight while descending, will be all adrenaline with numerous Aerobatic Maneuvers at an altitude of 1 to 5kms as your flight will turn to an aggressive mode. Pilot will perform Inverted Flight, Hammer Head, Roll, Loop, Low Level Pass, Combat Turns and other Aerobatic Maneuvers. The Unique feature of this program is that the levels of Overloads are flexible and only according to your wish and health condition, the pilot will vary the difficulty level. G-forces can reach between 3G and 7G which gives you the real taste of this state of art 4th generation jet fighter and appreciate the pilot’s expert handling in a very proficient manner. The “Edge of Space” & Aerobatic program lasts 40-45 minutes.

Upon landing successfully, you will be given personalized certificate commemorating the flight and your participation, along with a photo-session with the famous Russian Test-pilot in a edge ceremony. The pre-flight preparations & briefing, medical checkups, G-suits & oxygen mask fittings with final component inspection, familiarization of cockpit and all other ground clearances should not take more than 2 hours.

The core elements of Edge of Space:
  • Acceleration to the “Edge of Space” (18000-19000Km altitude)
  • Speed acceleration on high speed (min MACH 1.4 to max MACH 2.5)
  • Low Level Flight over the runway, speed acceleration on ca. 960 km/h
  • G-Ex Maneuver, acceleration on 3G, then absolutely very fast on 5.5G
  • Descent Flight back to the airbase (Descent profile demonstration)
  • Full complex of aerobatic maneuvers (rolls, loops, tail slide, etc)
  • Low pass over runway on 15 meters altitude
  • Comfortable take off

  • All preparations, medical check and the equipment
  • Taxes and fees
  • The Permission to access the “Sokol” airbase
  • Interpreter services
  • Transfer from the hotel to the airbase and back
  • Visit to “Sokol” Plant Aviation Museum
  • MiG-29 flight according to the chosen program
  • Personal Certificate with all flight parameter
  • Flight Insurance
  • Assistance of Fly Fighter Planes’ experts and a personal manager

Additional options for MiG-29 flight:
  • Professional Photos and Video of your entire visit and flight - 600 Euro
  • Additional Helmet Camera - 300 Euro
  • Personal Flight Suit with your name to take home as a souvenir - 300 Euro

What's Included:

  • Get aboard for MiG 29 flying thrill to reach up to 70,000 ft
  • Experience the thrill of supersonic jet speeds
  • Feel exuberant while the jet performs combat high level aerobatics
  • Watch the edge of space and mesmerized earth

You Should Know

  • The experience has to be booked 30 days in advance
  • Carry a valid id proof, passport & visa
  • You are accompanied by a skilled pilot
  • Experience is subject to availability


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