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Duration: 30.00 Minutes

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Here's a chance to experience the thrills of flying a jet fighter near Moscow, home of one of the best, 'Russ' Aerobatic Team in the 'Vvazma Aero Club'. These super skilled pilots will not only take you to the sky with super fast speeds but also make you experience advance aerobatics. L-39 Albatross fighter jets are famous for extreme maneuverability and flight experience. They have more power than any other piston engine aircraft and are a great aircraft to take a joy ride in. These jets are still used as training aircrafts for pilots of larger aircraft like MiG and Sukhoy because of its agility and versatility.

What's Included:

  • Get excited to fly a L-39 Albatross jet plane
  • Experience advance aerobatics of flight
  • Get an adrenaline rush while racing at high speeds
  • Enjoy the thrill of maneuverability like combat turns, loops, rolls and extreme low passes

You Should Know

  • Carry a valid id proof, passport and visa
  • You are accompanied by a skilled pilot
  • Please follow all instructions given by instructor and pilot
  • Experiences and Activities listed in this Website/App is provided by our service providers or vendors. We are not liable for any service quality issues, accidents or personal damages before, during or after availing of these experiences and activities.

More Information

They are one of the best and least expensive jets available. They have straight wings and thus can perform aerobatics manoeuvres and push up to +8 / -4 G. Even though it doesn’t go supersonic, it's a great value for money and a thrill that’s unforgettable. You will experience all types of dog fighting manoeuvres like combat turns, loops, rolls, inverted flights, extreme low passes etc. Pilots may even let you fly or perform a maneuver or two in middle of the program as per his discretion. There are no special medical requirements for experiencing this flight. The aerobatics program will be performed as per your overall health conditions. The core elements of L-39 Albatross program: Piloted by the one of the best Russ’ Aerobatic Team in the 'Vvazma Aero Club' Performs all kinds of Extreme dog fight Maneuvers and push up to +8 / -4 G Subsonic Speeds Full complex of aerobatic manoeuvres (rols, loops, tail slide, etc) Super agile and versatile Generates more power than any other piston engine aircraft Inexpensive and super light One the best aircrafts to get yourself trained for the bigger fighter jets like MiG 29 Itinerary: Medical check Flight in L-39 fighter jet (either 30 or 60 minutes) Personal certificate Additional: A guide-interpreter (English, German, Spanish or French) and transportation between the hotel and the Vyazmensky Aero Club will be provided, if needed. The price is euro 300.


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