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"Donate Rs. 1100 towards ""General Fund of Foundation for Mother and Child Health"" through GiveIndia.

All NGOs listed with GiveIndia have been screened for transparency and credibility by them.

GiveIndia retains 9.1% of the donation amount to facilitate the following

• Processing your Donation

• Provide tax receipt

• Feedback report;

• Due diligence of the NGOs and related administrative costs.

Your Donation of Rs. 1000 will be channelized to NGO called Foundation for Mother and Child Health, India. Foundation for Mother and Child Health India work in economically underprivileged communities to provide full access to Preventive Health and Balanced Nutrition.

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• An email order confirmation will be sent to you within 10 days from the order date to your registered email id

• A tax deduction e- receipt will be sent to you via email within 2 months from the order date.

In case of non receipt of the e-receipt please contact GiveIndia at +91-22-4275 9400 or Partner Name : GiveIndia"

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