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Manuvikasa is committed to educating children from impoverished circumstances. They have started an initiative to this end to provide educational material to these children.

How It Works

  •  The NGO has identified many children (Grade V to X) who are in desperate need of financial help in order to continue their education.
  •  After the initial selection of beneficiaries, the volunteers visit their school and ascertain the family’s economic condition before providing them with the study material, casual wear, school bag, raincoat and shoes.
  •  The staff members also visit the beneficiaries’ homes periodically to ensure that the children are making good use of the material and check in on their academic progress at the schools.


"Donate Rs. 1980 towards ""Sponsor clothing and school supplies for a poor child studying in a higher primary or a secondary school "" through GiveIndia.

All NGOs listed with GiveIndia have been screened for transparency and credibility by them.

GiveIndia retains 9.1% of the donation amount to facilitate the following

• Processing your Donation

• Provide tax receipt

• Feedback report;

• Due diligence of the NGOs and related administrative costs. Your Donation of Rs. 1800 will be channelized to NGO called Manuvikasa, India. 

The goal of Manuvikasa is development of sustainable livelihood, improve education, enriched environment and development of good human values.

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In case of non receipt of the e-receipt please contact GiveIndia at +91-22-4275 9400 or Partner Name : GiveIndia"

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