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Duration: 2.00 Hours

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Malaka Spice located at Koregaon Park, Pune is a chic and happening restaurant where you can steal some wonderful moments from time. The artworks out there will never go unnoticed and so not the South-east Asian food. The experience that you will get from Wow Tables will be satisfying the senses of taste, aroma, texture and colour. The Momo Veg, Chicken Pepesan, Quail Egg Salad and the Tom Yum are always a must try.

What's Included:

  • Relish the food at Malaka Spice
  • Enjoy this 6 course menu
  • Includes appetizer, salad, main course,curry with a rice or noodle, dessert

You Should Know

  • Brought to you in association with WowTables.
  • Cuisine - Asian
  • Veg / Non Veg

More Information

  • The all new 6 course experience at Malaka Spice

  • Course 1

  • Appetizers
    Choose any one
  • Top hat Veg (v) 
    Yummy rice cups stuffed with herbs and spicy minced vegetables. We just hat to have something from the City of Melaka.
  • Green pepper mushroom (v) 
    Fresh green pepper infuses these button mushrooms with an uncommon zest for your palate! Enjoy!
  • Malaka Momos Casket (v) 
    A casket of steaming dumplings stuffed to satiation with our own zany herb vegetable fillings
  • Baby Potato Satay (v) 
    Baby Potato in Thai marinade charred on the Grill
  • Lotus Stem Tango (v) 
    Slices of Lotus stems in a tangy, tasty medley. With sweet, sour, spicy, honey and chilli.
  • Grilled Chicken Skewers 
    Chicken breast marinated in exotic herbs and Asian griddlegrilled. Gobble with a delicious peanut sauce
  • Chicken Frittura 
    Crispy fried marinated fritters of juicy chicken served piping hot with a tangy mango sambal
  • Sausage Satay 
    Chicken sausages marinated in a chili black bean sauce and grilled on skewers to Malaka goodness
  • Hawker Prawns Dumpling 
    Picture yourself in a Chinese bylane enjoying this traditional hawker delicacy. Steamed or fried and served with tangy salsa sauce
  • Salt and Pepper Prawns 
    Medium Prawns tossed with freshly crushed whole garlic, lime wedges and pepper, cooked in a wok over high heat till succulent prawns absorbs the flavors
  • Thai Mutton Chops 
    The most succulent mutton chops in Pune. Soaked in a peppery flavorful marinade and grilled. A perfect start
  • Murtabak Mutton 
    Pancakes stuffed with Mutton that is a unique IndoMuslim specialty from Malaysia

  • Course 2

  • Salads
    choose any one
  • Lemony Bean Sprouts Tofu Salad (v) 
    Light lemony salad tossed with fresh bean sprouts and tofu
  • Tangy Green Papaya Salad (v) 
    Fresh shredded green papaya seasoned with chili, tangy lime and crunchy roasted peanuts
  • Gado Redo (v) 
    The National dish of Indonesia with a Malaka twist of fresh vegetables and sprouts tossed with tofu in a zany peanut dressing
  • Chicken minced salad 
    Crispy fresh cucumbers with mint, rice noodles and chicken mince. Unusual (in Pune) and traditional (in North Thailand)

  • Course 3

  • Main course
    choose any one
  • 3 Aunties, 3 Grandmothers (v) 
    Japanese shiitake, button and oyster mushrooms get along famously with spinach, baby corn and carrots in this takeoff on Hong Kong street food
  • Sambal Crunchy Veg (v) 
    Red pepper, broccoli and baby corn tossed in black bean and sambal sauce. Easy to overeat, so sambhaalke enjoy!
  • Baby Potatoes with Herb and Chili (v) 
    Perfectly turned baby spring potatoes tossed with cubes of tofu in a sauce of fresh herbs, chilli and black bean Vegan Heaven!
  • Bell Pepper Tofu (V) 
    Exotic bell peppers and fresh tofu stir fried in black bean sauce and tomato puree
  • Chicken Malay Style 
    Mushrooms, oyster sauce and ginger stirfried with chunks of chicken ... a version of traditional Malay cuisine. Ideal for kiddies.
  • Lemongrass Ginger Chicken 
    Chicken stir fried with sliced lemongrass, chili, ginger and pieces of fragrant cinnamon. Unusually yummy or vice verse.
  • Basil Chicken 
    Minced chicken sauted with sliced red chili and overwhelmed by the flavor of Thai basil. A take on the Thai classic.
  • Prawns in Coconut Cream 
    Prawns in a Malay infusion of rich coconut cream and tamarind jus. Subtle and flirty.
  • Singaporean Chili Prawns 
    Prawns tossed in typical Singapore sambal .... Yum !
  • Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf 
    Prime fillet of kingfish coated in turmeric & Malay curry powder, grilled in banana leaves and served in a tangy sauce of tamarind and chillies with a touch of jaggery.
  • Curry Leaf Mutton 
    Sliced mutton with curry leaves, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, five spice mix, lemon rempeh paste (hints of coconut milk). Signature Chef Cheeru. Awesome !
  • Basil Chili Mutton 
    A Malaysian delicacy mutton slices dried in a wok with basil, chillies and herbs. Very smooth.

  • Course 4

  • Curries
    choose any one
  • Malaka Thai Red curry (Chicken/Fish/Vegetarian) 
    Red chilies with a host of fragrant flavorsome spices ground to a paste cooked with vegetables /meat in a rich stew of coconut milk and basil.
  • Malaka Penang Curry 
    A cinnamony, clovey, coconut milky creation. Mingles mildly with galangal and onion. Lemony tang. Taste the tropical island of Penang
  • Malaka Kari Kapitan(Chicken/Fish/Vegetarian) 
    Over twenty delicate spices with ground cashew nuts to create this traditional coconut based curry, redolent of luxuriant British Colonial Malaya. Jolly good with hot roti kanai or roti jhalas!

  • Course 5

  • Rice and Noodle
    choose any one
  • Coriander Rice (v) 
    Steamed rice tossed with fresh coriander.
  • Basil Rice (v) 
    Steamed rice tossed with fresh Thai basil.
  • Brown Rice (v) 
    Organic wild brown rice prepared to your taste. Order it plain to savor with a variegated meal. Or ask for the herbed rice variation to add yet another tasteful twist to your Malaka adventure. Healthy,either way.
  • Saigon Noodles (v) 
    The famous Vietnamese hawker noodles specialty, tossed with lime, coriander and asparagus
  • Malay Spicy Noodles (v) 
    Noodles fried with chili, vegetables, onion and fried tofu. Has been inspired by the wholesome Malaysian preparation
  • Thai Chili Rice 
    A definitive chili twist marks this fried rice tossed with other spices like ginger, lemongrass, basil, kaffir lime leaf, chicken or vegetables and garnished with lime !

  • Course 6

  • Desserts
    choose any one
  • Banana Toffee with Ice cream (v) 

  • Apple Pie with Ice cream 

  • Chocolate Walnut Tart with Ice cream 

  • Chocolate Sin Mousse Cake 


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